the Shengjing teachers' page
for Christadelphian Bible teachers in Auckland
updated 18 July 2005

1 Chinese Bible

1.1 Chinese index to online Chinese Bibles (under construction)
1.2 English page with Information about Chinese Bible versions for teachers

Teachers' page includes where to order copies

2. Chinese booklets and leaflets

2.1 Chinese booklets index (32 titles) 
2.1 English originals are linked under 31 of the 32 
Angels God's servants (Ian Budden, Printland) 
Angels that sinned (Steve Cox, Printland)
Bible and Medicine ( John Hellawell, CALS) new preface for China
Bible Prophecy (Fred Pearce CMPA) 
Christ in the Old Testament (Harry Tennant, CMPA)
Christ is coming (Tecwyn Morgan CMPA)
Christadelphians, Introducing the (Rob Hyndman, Printland) revised.
Cross of Christ (Peter Watkins, CMPA) 
Did Jesus really come down from heaven? (Alan Hayward CALS)
Divine Origin of the Bible (Fred Pearce, CMPA) 
Do Christians need priests? (Mike Ashton, CMPA) 
Do This in Remembrance Of Me (Peter Islip, Printland) 
Does God Hear Prayer? (Michael Owen, CMPA) 
End of the world (Sheila Harris, CMPA)
Forgiveness (David Levin, Printland)
Getting to know God (Fred Pearce, CMPA) 
Israel - God's people God's land (David Pearce, CMPA) 
Jesus - God the Son or Son of God? (Fred Pearce, CMPA)
Kingdom of God on earth (Stanley Owen CMPA) 
Life of a True Christian (Mike Bull, Printland) 
Middle East and Bible Prophecy (Stephen Palmer CMPA)
Miracle of the Bible (Reg Carr CMPA) 
One Bible, Many Churches (Dennis Gillett CMPA)
Questions and Answers before Baptism (CBM, new Chinese version revised 2002)
Real Devil (Alan Hayward CALS, adapted and edited for China)
Resurrection - Living after death; a reality (John Roberts, CMPA) 
Resurrected to Judgment (Mike Ashton, CMPA)
Who is Jesus? (Paul Zilmer, Printland)
Why baptism really matters (Fred Pearce, CMPA)
Why Does God Allow Suffering? (Louis Sargent, CMPA) 
Your share in God's promises (David Pearce, CMPA)

Demons (J Burke/J Allfree) in preparation
Beijing Ape-man and Adam (B Philp) in preparation
Christ our Advocate (K Tucker) in preparation
Jesus of Nazareth (T Galbraith) in preparation
Conversion (M Purkis) in preparation
Resurrection of Christ (AD Norris) in preparation 

Some booklets printed in standard 12x18cm format, most are for printing off at home. 

We hope to soon have 3 volumes of collected booklets for printing in pdf A4 book format.  

2.2 Chinese CBM Basic Bible Teaching foldouts (21 titles) 
2.2 English originals of the CBM-BBT foldouts (double-sided A4, trifold) 
The 21 CBM "Basic Bible Teaching" leaflets are independant of the CBM-BBT course.

3 Information

3.1 Chinese version of the Rob Hyndman Christadelphians booklet 
3.2 English version of the India edition same booklet - some differences for China
About the Christadelphians. 
Brothers and sisters in Christ
3.2 Chinese history of Hong Kong Christadelphians
3.2 English version History of Hong Kong Christadelphians
History of Hong Kong Christadelphians 
3.3 Chinese contact email address
3.3 Teacher's contact
email address *
* we really, REALLY, appreciate feedback and suggestions!
3.4 Chinese offers page, and alternative page with only  free English Bible Magazine
3.4 English link to download from the Scottish Christadelphian webpage.
Main offer is Glad Tidings. We currently have run out of Chinese booklets.
3.5 Contact details (in Chinese) for Singapore and Kuala Lumpur meetings Singapore & Malaysia Christadelphians
3.6 Contact details (in Chinese) and maps for New Zealand ESL classes
3.6 this is not fully bilingual
New Zealand Chinese Christadelphians
3.7 Contact details (in Chinese) for Australia and Canada ESL classes
3.7 this is not fully bilingual
Shaftesbury Road and Vancouver
3.8 Most recent weekly Chinese-English exhortation 
3.9 Full bilingual
list is linked below
The originals are provided from Adelaide
3.9 Korean text site of Seoul Christadelphians 
3.9 (no Chinese or English version)
Korean Christadelphians 
3.10 List (in Chinese) of useful links to other Chinese websites Chinese Bible and archeology sites
3.11 List (in Chinese and English) of useful links to other English websites Christadelphian books on line


4. Bible courses

4.1 The old 22 lesson CBM Bible course still used in India (Eileen Ashton)
4.1 English original with the India multiple choice questions
This old faithful is still going strong. India added multiple choice tests to each lesson. 
4.2 The new 40 lesson course (planned, when the English version is finished)
4.2 English original (not yet on CBM CD-ROM, when it is it will be linked here)
40 Lesson Course 
(CBM revision due for completion 2006)  
4.3 Chinese-English version of the simple 12 lesson CBM-BBT course 
4.3 English original (taken from CBM CD-ROM with permission)
This 12 Lesson "Basic Bible Teaching Course" is new (CBM 2004)  
4.4 Chinese version of the CBM Acts course  
4.4 Paper copies from UK (Looking for a volunteer to scan in the English)
This is a superb course taking students through Acts (for use with Acts VCDs below). 
4.5 Chinese version of the CBM Matthew course 
4.5 Paper copies from UK (looking for a volunteer to scan in the English)
Designed as 2nd stage after the 22-lesson or 40-lesson course (use with Matthew VCDs)
4.6 link to Chinese version of CSSS Exploring the Bible course
4.6 The full English version is on the web for contacts, not downloads.
Genesis-Revelation book by book. Some sensitive content in chapter 16.
4.7 Chinese Introduction to the Bible course
4.7 based on the old Dawn course, edited by D.H., re-edited by Chinese brethren
Introduction to the Bible course 
(South London)
4.8 Chinese version of San Francisco course linking CMPA booklets
4.9 The English version can be obtained from the San Francisco website.
A very nice, simple idea. A course to link together several Birmingham booklets. 


5. Books

5.1 Chinese version of the Bible Lord Jesus and You John S Roberts (CALS)
5.1 English version or download zip
Chatty, simple book in anecdote style. Main UK preaching tool in the 1980s
5.2 Chinese version of What The Bible Teaches Harry Tennant (CMPA)
5.2 Files exist but English original only currently available in printed form
This is the revision of "The Christadelphians - What they believe and Preach" silver book
5.3 Chinese Bible Dictionary based on Bible Words (David Whitehouse)
Teachers' copy of the English base version for Chinese translation
The original English text was re-ordered into Chinese A-Z order and expanded.
5.4 index to Chinese Version of Wrested Scriptures (Ron Abel)
5.4 English version (the Chinese was based this old edition published in US)
A new section 1 for the Chinese edition including Buddhism and Daoism is planned
5.5 Chinese translation of Ephesians - Portrait of the Saint  (John Marshall)
5.5 English version is not available on the web.
Simple and practical study of Ephesians in the style of The New Life
5.6 Chinese edition of May you know it to be true (Dennis Gillett, CMPA)
5.6 Files exist but currently English available in print form only
Collection of Exhortations 
5.7 Creation, Evolution and Science (John Collyer, The Testimony)
5.7 English exists in print form only
Note this is a young earth position and may not be to every student's benefit
5.8 Parables of the Messiah (John Carter, CMPA)
5.8 Files of English version exist but not yet on web
The translation for this stalled but has now restarted.
5.9 Women of the Bible
5.9 English in print only
Collection of sisters class papers. Very well written and helpful.
5.10 Chinese version of God's Truth (Alan Hayward, Printland) in translation
5.10 English edition on the web
Includes a few chapters on creation. Mainly evidence for the Bible.
5.11 Chinese version of Parables (Colin Edwards, Printland)
5.11 Files of English version exist but not yet on web
Smaller simpler book than the John Carter book above, (CBM Estonia)
5.12 Chinese version of New Creation (George Booker)
5.12 English edition is on the web
A guide for recently baptised youth in US.
5.13 Chinese version of Stormy Winds (Tony Benson, Testimony)
5.13 English in print only
Bit of an odd book - how God controls the weather, but interesting to some contacts
5.14 Chinese version of The Way of Life (Rob Hyndman et. al. Printland)
5.14 English on the web
Superb doctrinal and practical coursebook. Chinese version due in 2006, God willing.
5.15 Chinese Exhortation Collection (various, SA ACBM)
5.15 Currently unedited bilingual versions are in the Chinese exhortations index
Selection of the best of the weekly exhortations from Adelaide, being edited 


6. other materials

6.1 Chinese Tracts index
6.2 The old What is the Gospel tract was translated in the 1950s.
Collected a few one-offs here.  The Lord's Prayer bill is based on the Logos one.
6.2 Chinese version of the My Faith bill
6.2 English version scanned as jpg.
This is a nice simple little bookmark, handout from the CALS
6.3 Chinese study notes index
6.3 only one that exists in English is the India Bible Weekend verses
Most of the notes from Schools and classes have been lost, we're trying to locate.
6.4 Chinese-English bilingual index to bilingual exhortations
6.4 As above, both index and most exhortations are bilingual
These are the weekly exhorts sent from Adelaide
6.5 Chinese Sunday School books
6.5 The originals don't appear to be on the web 
Sunday School materials index
6.5 Chinese slideshows index (ppt files)
6.5 The index is bilingual and so are some of the powerpoints
There are several Auckland, Hong Kong and Adelaide ppt files missing. Help needed!
6.6 Chinese versions of hymns, baptismal guides
6.6 English versions are linked where they exist.
Includes Adelaide, Auckland and India baptismal guides.
6.7 Chinese version of Bible Companion (full daily reading planner)
6.7 English version
There is a simpler, starter version from CALS, but this doesn't exist in Chinese
6.8 Chinese index of English DVDs CDs from Christadelphian sources
      Chinese index also includes full scripts for the WCF DVDs to help learners.
This page is intended for Chinese with some English
6.8 English index of Chinese subtitled or dubbed DVDs for teachers
      Luke, Matthew, John and Acts VCDs are verse-for-verse from Bible
This list is for information only. For some items retailers are suggested.
6.9 Chinese index of useful books by general publishers
6.9 English index includes link to Chinese version of McDowell "Evidence" book
Want to know where to get a Chinese Bible concordance? Or atlas?
6.10 Chinese translation of Sir Isaac Newton's tract against the Trinity
6.10 English version
Something of an oddity but we are grateful to the translator.

7. Chinese materials not listed on the Shengjing org webpage: - withdrawn
7.1 Download of Chinese BB (DH)
7.2 Introducing BB
(ed.DH) but see Introduction to the Bible above 
Content and translation is basically okay, but teachers please use materials above.
7.3 BB for Moslems (DH) 
7.4 BB for Buddhists (DH)
Somewhat inaccurate, aggressive and not particularly suitable for Chinese audience.
7.5 old NZ Return of Christ booklet (no English)
Replaced with T Morgan booklet above.