圣 经 探 险 者 第 十 三 课


Lesson 13 Reading: Exodus 20 & Joshua 1
13课 阅读:出埃及记20与约书亚记1

Israel at Mount Sinai

The children of Israel arrived at Mount Sinai in the third month after leaving Egypt (Exodus 19:1). Here the people were organised into a nation. They were to be "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation", acknowledging Yahweh as their God and Ruler (Exodus 19:4-6). While gathered there at the Mount the ten commandments were spoken by God to the nation. These ten commandments are recorded (Exodus 20:1-17), and they became the basis of the covenant that God made with Israel (Exodus 24:1-8).以色列人出埃及三个月后,来到西奈山(出埃及记19:1)。在此以色列人成为一个国——“祭司的国度,圣洁的国民”,以耶和华作为他们的神和领袖(出埃及记194-6)。在西奈山上神晓谕以色列子民十诫,这十诫在出埃及记201-7中记载,成为神与以色列人立约的基础(出埃及记241-8)。

The Tabernacle and Worship

While at Mount Sinai, Moses was called up into the mountain by God and given the pattern or plans for the Tabernacle or dwelling place of God in the midst of Israel (Exodus 25:8). The intricate details are recorded in Exodus 25-31.在西奈山时,耶和华晓谕摩西,让以色列人为他造圣所,使他可以住在以色列人中间(出埃及记258)。详情记录在出埃及记25-31中。

The Tabernacle when completed was set in the midst of the camp of the children of Israel during their journey through the wilderness. In reading through Exodus to Deuteronomy many details are given regarding the way that Israel were to approach God in worship. These sacrifices, offerings and other details all pointed forward by type or symbol to the method of acceptable worship and approach to God through the Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 2:17; Hebrews 10:1-7).以色列人在旷野时,会幕就设在他们营帐的中间,出埃及记到申命记中,记录了许多以色列人在圣所崇敬耶和华的细节,这些所有的献祭与祭礼从形式上与意义上,都象征着主耶稣基督后来的献身作赎罪祭,(哥罗西书217;希伯来书101-7)。

The Journey from Mt Sinai to the Promised Land
The children of Israel left Mount Sinai after having been there for nearly a year (Numbers 10:11). Within a few months they were at the southern border of the land at Kadesh-Barnea. From here twelve spies were sent forth to view the land and report back to Moses. Their report told of the goodness of the land but they said that it would be impossible to conquer because the people were giants and the city walls were very great (Numbers 13:27-33).以色列人在西奈山满了一年就离开了(民数记1011),几个月后到了加低斯一巴兰地的南边。摩西打发十二个探子去去窥探那许的地,探子回报说那果然是极美之地,但却无法征服那地上的人民,因为他们身材高大,城墙坚固(民数记1327-33)。

Although two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, encouraged the people to have faith and go forward, trusting in God to help them, the evil report of the other ten spies weakened the peoples faith and resolve.十二个探子中有两人,约书豆和迦勒,鼓励人们凭着耶和华,勇往直前,但其他十个探子却报恶信。

Because of their faithlessness Israel was condemned to spend forty years in the wilderness while all that older generation, who had seen Gods great works but failed to believe Him, died. However Joshua and Caleb, the two faithful spies, were told that they would enter into the land because of their faith (Numbers 13-14).由于以色列人不信神,他们被惩罚,在旷野中停留了四十年,所有见过神迹却不信神的老一辈人都死了,只有约书豆与迦勒仍然存活(民数记13-14)。

Israels Journey from Egypt to the Promised Land

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1. Egypt to Sinai
Exodus 12-19
2. Israel at Sinai
Exodus 19 to Numbers 10
3. Mt Sinai to Kadesh
Numbers 10-14
4. Israel 38 years in wilderness
Numbers 15-19
5. From Kadesh to Jordan
Numbers 20 to Deuteronomy 34

Israel Finally Enter the Land under Joshua
The account of those forty years, and in particular the events of the last year, are recorded from Numbers 15 through to the end of Deuteronomy. The Book of Deuteronomy records the last exhortation of Moses to Israel, and was spoken at the border of the Land of Canaan as the people waited to cross into the Promised Land. Both Aaron and Moses were not allowed to enter the land because of a sin that they were provoked to commit by Israels faithless attitude (see Numbers 20:1-13). Although Moses was not permitted to enter in, God miraculously showed him all the land from Mount Nebo before his death (Deuteronomy 34). 以色列人在旷野中的四十年,尤其是最后一年的事,被记录在从民数记15到申命记末尾中,在以色列人等待进入应许的地时,摩西在迦南地的边界对以色列人作了最后一次训诫。虽然,摩西与亚伦都由于以色列人的罪而不准应许的金地(申命记34)。

The nation mourned the death of Moses for one month, after which they then crossed the Jordan River and entered into the land of Canaan under their new leader, Joshua. 以色列人为摩西哀器了三十天,之后他们就在新的领袖——约书亚的带领下,越过约旦河进入了迦南地。

Joshua - Israels Next Leader

The man appointed by God to lead Israel into the Land of Promise was Joshua (
Numbers 27:15-23). He had been a faithful companion to Moses throughout the forty years in the wilderness and after the death of Moses became Israels leader. 约书亚被召选副食以色列人进入迦南地(民数记2715-23),约书亚在旷野中的四十年,始终作为忠实陪伴者,摩西死后,他就成为以色列人的领袖。

Joshua had proved his faithfulness and courage during the forty yearswanderings in the wilderness. He had led Israel to victory over the Amalekites (Exodus 17:8-16), and was one of the two faithful spies who had placed complete confidence in Gods ability to lead Israel into the Promised Land and overcome all their enemies (Numbers 14:6-10). 约书亚在荒野度过的四十年中,证实了自己的信与勇气,他曾领导以色列人打败了亚玛力人(出埃及记178-16),并坚信神会领以色列人进入应许的地,打败所有的敌人(民数记146-10)。

Thus, with Gods encouragement to "be strong and of a good courage" (Joshua 1:5-9) he led Israel over the River Jordan into the Land. A great miracle was performed by God so that this could happen. The Jordan River was in flood but God stopped the water flowing into the Dead Sea, causing it to bank up so that the people could cross over on dry land (Joshua 3:14-17).

It was exactly forty years from the day that Israel left Egypt at the time of the Passover until they entered the land of Canaan (Joshua 5:10). Once Israel were in the land Joshua, guided still by God, led them in battle to overthrow the inhabitants of Canaan so that Israel could inherit the land. These campaigns are set out in the first twelve chapters of the book of Joshua, while the remainder of the book describes the various areas allocated by lot for the twelve tribes in which to dwell.从色列人在逾越节那天离开埃及到他们进入迦南地,中间整整是四十年(约书亚记510),以色列人在神的佑护,约书亚的带领下,证服了迦南地的人民,约书亚记前十二章描述了这些成役,后几章记叙了十二个部落的领地。

Territory Given to the Twelve Tribes

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Summary Points

  • At Mount Sinai Israel were given the Law (the ten commandments) (Exodus 20:1-17), which became the basis of the covenant that God made with Israel (Exodus 24).在西奈山时,神晓谕的十诫后来成为神与以色列人立约的基础。(出埃及记24
  • The Tabernacle and its associated worship in the wilderness set forth in a ceremonial fashion the way of acceptable approach and worship of God. In all these typical figures the great anti-type was to be seen in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. The priesthood of Aaron foreshadowed Christ as our high priest in heaven now, through whom we can approach God in prayer.

  • After forty years in the wilderness and after the death of Moses, Joshua was selected by God to lead the children of Israel into the land of Israel. 以色列人在旷野中停留四十年后,约书亚被神召选领以色列人进入神应计的地。

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